Minigame Highlights - Sorted by Immediate Coolness (Lion Roars)

Venus Express  [C-64] - #1 in 1K MiniGame Compo 2005
Maneuver Venus Express and collect scientific samples from the caverns of Venus. Each level has more samples you have to find before returning to the surface. Collect all samples under 70 seconds for time bonus. Smooth 8-way scrolling, 99 pseudo-random-generated levels

Berlin (2001) [Game Boy Color]
50 levels playable preview of a breakout game I was writing in 2001. Uses layered 6-color sprites and features smooth 8-way scrolling with processor-heavy HiColor techniques, dumping new palette data on each raster line during every horizontal blanking. The game logic itself runs in the very short vertical blanking period
Berlin was shown to a potential publisher in 2001, but the verdict was that while it's an impressive demo pushing the Game Boy Color capabilities it's not appealing to the target audience of 10-year old boys

Dragonwing (2002) [VIC 20]
Fly through various cave formations in this little flappy bird game about existential anxiety. Bounce off fuel tanks to refill and don't run out of fuel or you will lose control of your ship. Drum'n'bass, smooth scrolling and softsprites on unexpanded VIC 20. There's also a sequel in the works!  

Whack [VIC 20] - #4 in 1K MiniGame Compo 2003 - World's Smallest Rogue-like?
A rogue-like dungeon explorer. Find your way through the dungeon levels and bring the Amulet back to the surface
Vuokatti  [VIC 20] - #3 in 1K MiniGame Compo 2004
Downhill skiing game. Avoid trees and rocks. Hit the bumps for a speed burst. Score and high score shown after crash

Realm of Omari [VIC 20] - #2 in 1K MiniGame Compo 2010
Find your way through the Realm of Omari and restore the ankhs that once belonged to him. Collect gold for points. Crush bats with rocks or lure them to the flooding water to get more gold. Find the ankhs which are hidden somewhere below the third level. Ankhs reward 1.000 points + an extra life + you get teleported to the next cave

Uleåborg [C-64] - #3 in 0.5K MiniGame Compo 2001
In Finland 70% of people would like to live in detached houses. In Uleåborg only 30% live in detached houses. Take off in your armed zeppelin from Kempele and raid over and about Uleåborg to make space for detached houses. Target the low side of buildings to demolish them immediately. If you make it to the landing, you're rewarded with a new background color. The second level is Heinäpää - where the air is brown
Dropout (2016) [VIC 20]
Traditional block game for unexpanded VIC 20. Dropout implements many block game features that were not yet common in the golden 8-bit era: SRS (Super Rotation System), hold function, wall kicks, lock delay, showing 6 next pieces, infinite spin, DAS, ghost piece, pre-rotation, T-Spin recognition, L/J/S/Z-twists, modern scoring system (except no combos), TGM-style randomizer
Four game modes: Standard Long Play, 40 Lines, 2-Minute Challenge and Master Mode

Gymnopedies  [VIC 20] - #1 in 1K MiniGame Compo 2006
Shoot the pedies before they reach you. Keep the screen clean of rocks or the pedies will get to you faster. Watch out for drops that appear when crushing rocks. The real game starts around 10.000 points
Tuntematon Sotilas (2008) [VIC 20]
Strategic war game for VIC 20. Historically accurate. Loosely based on the gameplay of classic Empire game played on mainframe computers in late 70's. There's also a separate 2K version created for MiniGame Compo 2008, which doesn't have the Väinö Linna quotes to save space
Winning strategy: Sneak a few of your soldier units behind the enemy lines and locate the enemy artillery units. Enemy artillery units can be conquered by soldier units. Always carefully move so that the enemy doesn't get the first attack and remember to protect your own artillery units
You can download all the minigames and more in my Eight Bit Shed in Dropbox
Greenrunner & Redrunner

Two frantic, minteresque shoot 'em ups with simple yet effective cell machine logic and fast-paced rounds. I wrote Greenrunner for Game Over(view) Freestyle Jam, an Australian game programming contest in 2006. Redrunner followed a year later with new levels, graphics, sounds and music.
Elaine Walker of space band Z.I.A. provided her voice talent for Greenrunner. For Redrunner speech I hired Antti Hukkanen, the trailer voice of Finnish indie blockbuster Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. He was also later featured on one of my music tracks, The Snow Salamander on Various Secret Continents.
Both Greenrunner and Redrunner were re-released on a cartridge in 2012 by RGCD and as jewel boxed tape and disk editions by Psytronik. The cartridge also included my SID synthesizer Retroskoi+ and an easter egg minigame.

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