A selection of audio projects I did as Principal Sound Designer at Nokia Design and Microsoft Mobile

Full credits at the end
Ringtones, alarm tones and notification tones pre-loaded in the Lumia 950, 950 XL, 550 and 650 (Europe and USA variant)

Video found on YouTube
Ringtone set introduced in Lumia 830 and 735 (Europe and USA variant)

Creative Lead: Aleksi Eeben

Contributors: Hannu af Ursin, Ben Lord, Henry Daw, Tapio Hakanen. Also Asbjoern Andersen, Acoustic Ringtone Quartet and a few others I may forgot. 
Bratislava Symphony Orchestra in Afternoon, Archipelago, Bird Box, Miniature of Troy and Shimmering conducted by David Hernando Rico

Playlist from unmaintained and abandoned Nokia Design Team / Microsoft Phones Design SoundCloud page
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